Homefires™ Polyester Indoor Accent Rugs Care Instructions

Homefires™ Polyester Indoor Accent rugs are washable by hand.  Do not use bleach.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly to prevent soap residue from attracting dirt over time.  Lie flat to dry and reshape if necessary.   Homefires™ Polyester Indoor Accent rugs can be vacuumed, preferably on the floor setting to prevent pulling hooks out of the foundation of your rug.  If you do see the occasional "sprout", this is normal for a hand hooked rug; merely cut the loose yarn from your rug taking care not to cut into the foundation of the rug.  

Do not iron.  Keeping your rug out of direct sunlight will keep your colors bright and prevent fading.

Always use a liner with your Homefires™ rug to provide slip resistance and prevent possible chemical reaction to some manufactured flooring.