Homefires™ Indoor/Outdoor Polypropylene Area Rugs Care Instructions

Homefires™ Indoor/Outdoor Polypropylene Area Rugs are designed to be used either indoor or outdoor.  If you get a spot on your rug, we recommend that you spot clean with a low sudsing soap and rinse thoroughly.  If you need to clean the entire rug, you can use your garden hose with your low sudsing soap and again, be sure to rinse thoroughly so that soap residue will not attract dirt over time.  Lie your rug flat to dry or hang loosely over a fence or laundry line.  You may vacuum your rug on either a floor setting or a high setting so as not to pull any of the hooks from the foundation.  If you find the occasional "sprout" merely use a pair of scissors to cut off the loose yarn being careful not to cut into the foundation.  Do not pull yarns.  You may

Keeping your rug out of constant direct sunlight will extend it's bright colors and prevent fading.

When using your Homefires™ Indoor/Outdoor rug indoor, we recommend using a liner to provide slip resistance and prevent possible chemical reaction to some manufactured flooring.