Backyard Bluebird Olivia's Home Accent Rug with Bird Themed Washable Rug 22" x 32"

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"Picture Perfect"

Olivia's Home collection by Home Comfort. Printed with a soft, suede-feel texture, this Olivia's Home accent rug was designed by American artist ©Elizabeth St. Hilaire.

This low profile Olivia's Home accent rug is a perfect addition to any room in need of a touch of style or burst of color. It features a printed mat with a suede-like feel. Its soft, durable construction is machine washable making the perched bluebird a welcomed sight to see all year round.

You can also layer this rug on a carpet for an extra layer of color. This machine washable accent rug is velvety soft to the touch and super thin to fit under the tightest of door frames. It also has a stitched edge for a finished look. You're going to love the ease of care with this great rug. Machine wash, vacuum, sweep, spot clean and you're good to go. We recommend using a rug pad or try carpet tape to hold your rug in place.


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