Jellybean® Rug Cleaning Instructions



Jellybean® rugs are designed to retain their bright colors and beautiful design with minimal care.

1. Machine wash your Jellybean® rug with likecolors in cold water on a gentle cycle.Do not use bleach, and do not iron!

2. To dry your Jellybean® rug, place it in your dryer with no heat. You can also line dry, or lay flat.

3. Do Not pull loose yarn as you may unravel the design. Instead, carefully trim any pulling that may occur on the surface of your rug.

4. We recommend that you use a liner underneath your Jellybean® rug to prevent your rug from traveling or sliding.

5. Your Jellybean® rug can be used outside under direct or indirect sunlight.  Keep your Jellybean® rug away from swimming pool water as the chlorine bleach may damage the color of your rug.