1.     Your Homefires Living™ rug should be taken to a reputable dry cleaner that has experience cleaning rugs.  Make sure you tell your professional dry cleaner the fiber of your rug so they can determine the best cleaning solution to use.

2.     We recommend that you use a liner underneath your Homefires Living™ rug to prevent your rug from traveling or sliding.  The use of a liner will also help insure that there is no color transfer from your rug to the floor surface.

3.     Frequent vacuuming of tufted Homefires Living™ accent and area rugs will shorten the length of time that your rug sheds.  Shedding is a natural occurrence of “tufted” rugs and will diminish over time.  Excessive shedding is not normal and should be reported to our customer service department at



We recommend that you spot clean with clean, clear water.  Do not use soap unless absolutely necessary when spot cleaning.  If soap is used, take special care to rinse adequately.  You may want to rinse with a solution of vinegar and water to help completely remove any soap residue left on your rug.  Soap residue left on your rug will attract dirt and consequently become soiled sooner than the rest of the rug.


If the spot on your Homefires Living™ rug is in a tufted (not hooked) area, then consider brushing a dry brush to remove dirt and debris without the use of soap or water.